The Mission Consultation of the Hong Kong Churches 2019

How can the Churches today wash the feet of others like Jesus did for his disciples?

Who are the ones who need us to wash their feet?

Where are these weary feet and can we see them?

Can we wash their feet and renew their strength?

A Foot Washing Community?

That is a QUESTION!

It presses us to reflect whether we still use an outdated mindset and methods which no longer fit for today. Should we not discern again the needs of Hong Kong in the new situation and find the new opportunities of serving others?


It shows that we are willing to be humble and gather before the Lord and re-examine our identity and mission.

Since 70s, The Hong Kong Christian Council has held the “Mission Consultation of the Hong Kong Churches” every 10 years. The consultation will feature many of the top Hong Kong Church leaders and experts as speakers and involve participants from a wide range of churches. To make the consultation accessible to non-Chinese speaking co-workers, we will offer simultaneous translation in English in all the major sessions.

The 2019 consultation will be held from 8 – 9 November. The theme is “A Foot Washing Community? – The identity, the Mission and the Opportunities of Hong Kong Churches”. The venue will be Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui All Saints’ Cathedral, 11 Pak Po Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Charge for the consultation, which includes Saturday lunch, is HK$200.


19:00-19:30Opening Ceremony
Officiant: Rev. Dr. Eric SO (HKCC/HK Council of the Church of Christ in China)
19:30-20:15Bible Study
Speaker: Rev. YUEN Tin-Yau (Methodist Church Hong Kong)
20:15-21:15Key Note Speech
“How Hong Kong Churches Respond to the Situation of Hong Kong Nowadays”
Speaker: Mr. Kevin Lau (Former Editor-in-Chief, Ming Pao Daily News)
21:15-21:30Q & A
09:00-09:30Morning Prayer
Officiant: Rev. Samson FAN (All Saints’ Cathedral)
09:30-10:15Bible Study
Speaker: Dr. Francis Ching-Wah YIP (Divinity School of Chung Chi College, CUHK)
10:15-11:30Key Note Speech
“The Churches in the Midst of the Vision of Hong Kong City”
Speaker: Professor NG Mee-Kam (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
11:45-12:30Women and Youth Platform
13:30-15:30Group Discussion
15:45-16:30Group Reports
16:30-17:30Closing Ceremony
Officiant: The Rev LAM Sung-che (Methodist Church Hong Kong)

*Group Discussion in Chinese:

# Gender Justice
# Ecology and Land
# Poor in the Local Communities
# On the Way towards Reconciliation
# Civil Society and Churches
# The New Generations in Digital World
# Refugees and Asylum Seekers
# Working Youth
# Pastoral Care of the Elderly
# Mental Rehabilitation and Persons with Special Needs
* Group Discussion in English
English-speaking and other non-Chinese language congregations in Hong Kong fall under the category of “international churches". Their numbers are growing in Hong Kong with several ranking as ‘megachurches’ with over 1000 persons in attendance on Sunday. There is also a noticeable rise in local Hong Kong Chinese young people choosing to attend international churches. How do we understand the mission and ministry of international churches in Hong Kong? What is their particular contribution to Christian witness and service in the city? How can they partner with Hong Kong Chinese churches to witness to an intercultural reality, of being a part of a trans-cultural faith?



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